About Us

Emergency Service Based in North Bend, Oregon with additional operations in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Medford, Oregon and Roseburg, Oregon.

There is no middle man with EMERGENCY AIRLIFT; your transport is personally handled by the 24/7 in house dispatch department located at our corporate headquarters in North Bend, Oregon.  In most cases, within 15 minutes of your call you'll receive an all-inclusive price quote including any ground transportation needs. Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry and in most cases can accommodate family members at no additional cost.

EMERGENCY AIRLIFT provides the communities we serve with 911 Center response, emergency hospital to hospital transport and non-emergency medical transport to long term facilities.  Our varied fleet of long range jets, turbine aircraft and helicopters enables us to personalize each flight by providing the equipment and personnel suitable for both the patient and the transport.

Safety and patient care are priorities at Emergency Airlift. 

Emergency Airlift’s medical team consists of highly trained Critical Care Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics.  They receive ongoing training in Flight Physiology and Aircraft Safety in addition to ongoing training in acute and critical care nursing.  We have progressive protocols in place that allow us to provide critical interventions during transport if needed. These include but are not limited to:

Emergency Airlift’s Standard of Care ensures our medical team will be with the patient throughout the entire transfer process from sending to receiving facility.  This is not an industry standard but we feel it is imperative to quality patient care and positive patient outcome.

Mission Statement

At EMERGENCY AIRLIFT, our mission is a simple one. We are committed to providing fast, safe and reliable air medical transportation while emphasizing the best medical care possible. We strive to meet hospitals' growing needs, as well as those of an evolving medical industry. Safety and patient care are our highest priorities.

Let us provide you with exceptional medical and ambulance transportations by contacting our North Bend, Oregon, emergency service.