EMERGENCY AIRLIFT:  Your life, our mission, minutes count.

EMERGENCY AIRLIFT operates world-wide under the authority of a CFR 14 Part 135 certificate issued by the FAA. Emergency Airlift’s president and CEO has more than 30 years in corporate and air ambulance operations.  

Air ambulance and medevac missions are conducted in jet aircraft, including our fleet of three long-range, three engine Dassault Falcon 50 jets.  The Falcon 50 provides a self-contained patient lift ramp and can carry up to two patients in addition to a full complement of medical crews, flight crews, and family members. 

Demonstrated through their impeccable safety record, the company believes in utilizing the right aircraft for every mission.  This means having redundancy in systems and utilizing the most capable aircraft, especially when flying over vast oceans.  EMERGENCY AIRLIFT believes in high standards, including conducting and overseeing their own aircraft maintenance with their highly-skilled maintenance department.   EMERGENCY AIRLIFT’S world-wide headquarters are strategically located in Southern Oregon with additional U.S. bases in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Honolulu, Hawaii.   

24 Hour Dispatch

+1 888 988 4911 United States