"Thank you for saving both my life and that of my baby on December 8th. We signed up for the $35 service just a few months ago never thinking we would actually need it as I had the most enviously easy pregnancy and no risk of complications. I ended up getting pre-eclampsia and unexpectedly became very sick, very quickly, and sent by your fixed wing plane to Rogue Valley Medical Center (from Klamath Falls) where we had our 2lb, 8oz little boy by emergency c-section on December 12th. We named him Giovanni Victor Angelo Cascamo. You were able to assist in getting me up to Rogue early enough to give me a steroid shot that helped developed our baby's lungs so that he has not had to go on a respirator except for a short time the day of his birth. He will be at the NICU at Rogue Valley through February. He is doing extraordinarily well and so far we have not had any major complications."

Katherine C.


"Thank you to all the life-savers. I would like to give my thanks to the dedicated doctors and nurses who saved my life on Jan. 24 at Bay Area Hospital. Also, thank you to the ambulance drivers and firemen who came after me. Thanks to the plane that took me to Sacred Heart RiverBend Hospital in Springfield after having a quad-triple bypass. I'm finally home and doing fine. I'll never be able to thank all of you for giving me a second chance. God bless all of you."

Richard S.


"Thank you so much for your help this weekend, with our training. We appreciate your dedication and professionalism, and are extremely fortunate to have a person of your caliber in our community. You were a big hit with the Posse members that were visiting from other counties throughout the state, and some were envious of the support that you offer to our county.

I gave your contact information to Glenda Hales, our Emergency Management Coordinator, so you can be listed as an available asset for future reference. Glenda will most likely be in contact with your company to get further information. The dispatcher training that you brought up is an excellent idea, as well as training other members of our department. Please let us know when you are ready to start training, so we can get our people up to speed. Thank you again, I look forward to working with you in the future."

Dep. Tony W.


"Thank you all for everything you've done, we are all so very grateful! Everyone has a job and yours as protectors of life has been very fulfilling. You're gods, angels."

Jessie J., Michael J. K.


"The nurses and medical staff at Nye Regional Medical Center would like to thank the Emergency Air Lift personnel and crews for all their assistance during the week/weekend of the races. We would also like to personally thank Charlie Mann for taking time out of his days off to provide ACLS training for our staff. Without your help and assistance this event would not have gone as smoothly and we look forward to working as a team in the years to come."


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