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Welcome to Emergency Airlift

Emergency & Non-Emergency Critical Care Medical Air transport Specialists. Providing Bedside-to-Bedside, seamless service with over 20 years of Medical Air transport experience.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality service possible, in the quickest time frame, with the most cost-effective solutions.

We own, operate and maintain all of our aircraft at our corporate headquarters in North Bend, Oregon. Our large fleet of equipment, from Long range jets, Multi Engine & single engine turbine aircraft to Helicopters gives us the flexibility of utilizing the best aircraft suited for the transport and in most cases can accommodate a family member at no additional cost.

When you choose EMERGENCY AIRLIFT, you deal with us directly, with no middleman. This assures you prompt service, most competitive pricing, and medical attention when you need it most. Our dependable dispatch specialist team is highly trained in critical care transport and customer care, they fully understand the importance of your call and the support you need.

EMERGENCY AIRLIFT provides the safest & highest level of care for you and your loved ones. Our staff of flight coordinators, medical personal, and pilots are standing by ready to launch 24/7, and can be airborne within minutes of mission approval.

Let us provide you with exceptional medical air ambulance services.