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Flight Operations

Emergency Airlift proudly owns, operates and maintains our fleet of Air-Ambulance configured Falcon 50 and Falcon 900 aircraft. This means we retain full control over every aspect of our flight department which is certified by ARGUS and boasts a spotless safety record. This can be attributed in large part to our aviation management team's belief in a "hands-on" approach to managing the department and interaction with regulatory oversight.

Medical Providers

Each flight is staffed with care providers who strive to embody the best elements of transport, emergency, and critical care medicine. It is our belief that a team-oriented mentality will ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and achieve the maximum benefit from our service. Practitioners are consistently required to participate in patient scenario-based labs, in addition to their routine training, to ensure competency in all vital areas of practice.

Communications Center

Emergency Airlift's communications center operates 24/7/365 and our staff are committed to quality service, from the first call to safe arrival to the patient's destination we handle every detail in between. Our coordinators are with you every step of the way to ensure the transport process is smooth and efficient.

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